Drawing of Jane Smith

Vision and Mission

At Hope we believe very strongly in community, and within that community, building relationships and doing church together so that our lives impact and touch the generations and the lives of individuals, change cultures and impact communities. At Hope our desire is to create a 'place to belong...' a place to encounter God in a life-changing way and enjoy our journey together, becoming whole, authentic followers of Jesus Christ. A place to worship.... have fun.... and just do the journey of life together. We are in a local community but part of our city and of course, touching the world, wherever we are day to day. Our Mission is to 'Change your World'.... Hope Church is a 'place to belong.....'

Drawing of Jane Smith

We Believe

What we are convinced of is that we can and should live a life that's fulfilling, rewarding, exciting and full of purpose.

The Churches in Sunderland are many and varied. If you're looking for a church to be part of, we encourage you, once youve found that place, to stick with it and look for opportunities to serve. Being part of the local church is a vital part of realising that fulfilment, reward, excitement and purpose.